Raptors Vs. Bucks – Jan 28 2011

The Bucks are coming town and they are the worst offensive team in the league, scoring the least amount of points but are also the 4th best defensive team in the league. They play at the 5th slowest pace in the NBA. They are a true grind it out – defensive team.

What to know:

Cory Maggette had a big game against the Atlanta Hawks – 20+ points.

Illyasova looks nice – big man 6’11 with a really good shooting touch. He is capable of shooting pull up jumpers – a la Dirk, but in no way am I comparing him to Dirk.

Boykins can light it up but is really bad on defense.

They are starting to get their players back. Delfino just came back – might be the revenge factor involved.

Bogut is a monster on the boards –


Off. Reb
Off. Reb
Team Off
Def. Reb
Def. Reb
Team Def
112 1117 10.0% 30.4% 252 1065 23.7% 74.6%

Bargniani, Johnson and Davis have to really box him out, which might be hard with Maggette driving the lane but it is something to look out for.

Might help to double team him as well – His assist numbers are down as well.

His shooting percentage is down, for shots at the rim and <10 feet.


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