Hibbert for B. Lopez (fantasy talk)

So my fellow blogger, Sean Brownie, proposed the above deal in a standard 8 cat roto league.

Hibbert is ovbiously the x factor with the new coach. There is clearly the intent to get him the ball often on offense but I’m not sold he can matchup against all type of centers, especially mobile ones.

Lopez can score and he does that quite well. Shoots a good clip, fts too. Rebounds rebounds, where for art thou rebounds. His abysmal rebounding is a major turnoff. Hibbert should be reasonably productive even if the points aren’t there, and as I said below, points are overated.



One Comment on “Hibbert for B. Lopez (fantasy talk)”

  1. sean brownie says:

    I will leave my comments and judgements until after the trade is consummated.

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