Raptors @ Hawks – Feb 2

Raptors are riding a 11-game losing streak. It’s getting tough out there.

Bargs is shooting terrible out there. He was 5-24 last game.

I think they should put him on the block a bit more the coming games. Mid-post like they do with Dirk. This strategy might be tough with Horford and Josh Smith out there.

One thing though, Barg’s stop-and-pop game  is undeniably good. I really haven’t seen any other 7 footers out there that can do it as good as him.

On the other side. That dude Horford is beasting and he knows exactly what to do.

Look at his shooting percentage by distance. There really isn’t any drop off as he goes further out.

A lot of shots are assisted as well, meaning that he is playing with his game and hurting the team out there anyway. To top it all off, his is one the leading rebounders in the league as well.




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