Kleiza Out 9-12 months…Addition by subtraction?

First off, I wanna say what is up with the amount of the knee problems players are having this year? Nike, Adidas, get to the drawing board please.

So as tsn.ca reports, Linas is out for atleast 9 months. Now I was a huge Kleiza supporter when he was first signed to that Restricted Free Agent contract. Less that 5mil per for 4 years seemed like a great deal to me for a guy who had the potential to lead an offensive wasteland that is the Raptors after Bosh’s departure. All I can say is that watching him play in the World Championships was highly misleading.
He’s a dynamic offensive player when you consider he has good range, 3s and mid game, a post game, and a decent slasher to the bucket. When he was in Denver, people thought he had all the talent but needed more minutes (think Gortat and Howard situation).
Now in Toronto, a few things become clear. He’s a tweener in the worst way. He has a SF game without the quickness. Too small to play the 4 spot, too big for the 2 spot. His ball handling isn’t good enough for the quickness of NBA defenders. His confidence is still as up and down as it was in Denver, a testament to how many airballs he’s put up this year.

Last week, although Sports Illustrated named T.Outlaw the worst Free Agent signing of this season, Kleiza has to atleast be the most disappointing.


3 Comments on “Kleiza Out 9-12 months…Addition by subtraction?”

  1. sean brownie says:

    I feel like Calderon got it worst on that shimmy shake by Chalmers

  2. kingcy says:

    what does that mean. Calderon should be more embassed than Kleiza’s season? lol

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