Brook Lopez is a Very Bad SG (Fantasy Ball) – With a Tale About Betrayal

Brook Lopez has probably been the worst center the NBA can think. King CY magically convinced me that he was worth Andrew Bogut and Loul Deng, TOGETHER!! Anyways, what happened is only 2 double-doubles since then and 1 of them was for CY. I have realized that I was hoodwinked, double crossed, duped, bamboozled and sodomized (no homo). So tonight I am watching the Nets game and I realized what exactly he was. He is a bad SG. He is the type of SG that Rick Kamla tells you never to draft early on because there are so many of them. SGs that get a lot of points but don’t get 3s or any other categories.

Last 5 games, he is averaging 22 points, 3.8 rbs and 1.6 asts. Those are Kevin Martin numbers. He is the 7 foot Nick Young. He is now Jason Richardson. Minus the 3s that all these guys get. Although he is better than one SG, thats Keith Bogans, the worst NBA SG starter in the League. Like CY saids, points are not a premium in this [Fantasy] League. I agree my good sir. Alas, I extend to you the middle finger for having to take the last 2 months to reorganize my whole team around Lopez’s inability to get boards.

I say good day to you! (Fez Voice)



3 Comments on “Brook Lopez is a Very Bad SG (Fantasy Ball) – With a Tale About Betrayal”

  1. kingcy says:

    Hah hoodwinked. I regretted drafting him from the start.
    Its a good thing I didnt trade Hibbert for him. Now I can say to Lopez “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

  2. BrookLopez11 says:

    What’s up with calling me a “Very Bad SG?” Am I really that bad? I’m Brook Lopez. I’m 22 and make over $2 mill a year. How much do you make Brownie? I’m 7 feet of manbeast scoring over 20 ppg in the NBA. Last time I checked Sean Brownie wasn’t even in the NBA. So who sucks now huh? Sean Brownie sucks. That’s who. You hurt my feelings Sean Brownie. And I think I deserve an apology.

  3. jimmy says:

    brookes awesome stfu LOL

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