Why the Raptors should trade for Omri Casspi

Surprise surprise!  Someone is suggesting the Raptors trade for an international player!  Did you forget that Amercians don’t want to play here because like Bosh says “it doesn’t feel, smell or look the same.”

No thats not why I’m suggesting Casspi would make a good fit.  In fact, if you ever have to consider the fact that you might trade for a guy who doesn’t want to live here, you’ve been looking at the wrong player all together obviously.  This is the NBA.  Playing professional basketball is a job and a privilege, players who can’t accept where they’ve been dealt or the team their playing for dont have the right mentality to play an up and down 82gms NBA schedule.

Anyways, back to Casspi.

I dunno why he supposedly on the block for Sacremento other the fact that they have a big log jam at the SF spot.  Garcia, Green, Casspi, Landry(sometimes). All pretty capable players in their own right.  But Casspi brings something special other than skills.

Passion. This guy gets pumped up.  He basically has Bargnani’s game but at 6’9, can rebound rather well for his position and brings alot fiestyness to the team.  He’s even hit a bunch of clutch shots to my amazement even when he comes on off the bench cold.  That shows me hes got alot of confidence in his game, regardless of how many minutes hes been playing or what his shooting % is.

As you know, the 3 spot has been rather inconsistent with Weems and Kleiza at the helm this year.  Weems is still a good project, but his shooting and decision making need time to season.  Casspi can step in right away and inject some energy in the lineup and crowd while providing a good spot up 3 point shooter.  No he probably wont be a franchise player, but this guy has the potensial to be an allstar if hes groomed properly.

What would it take to get him here….I dunno.  Toronto has a big enough jewish community right?


5 Comments on “Why the Raptors should trade for Omri Casspi”

  1. sean brownie says:

    Don’t forget about taxes. One of the main reasons for Bosh and James moving together to Miami is because there are no state taxes in Miami. In effect that’s the only place all 3 of them can play together and make the same amount of money

  2. kingcy says:

    Thats really not a reason. Lebron and Bosh didnt go to Miami because there are less taxes, but it did allow them to take a “pay cut” in order to help Miami to sign other guys like Miller, while still pulling in nearly the same amount of cash.
    Secondly, with the parity of the dollar, and recent tax changes in the States, I believe players in the States are paying more federal taxes than your fellow Raptor player. 34% in the States compared to 29% in Canada.

    • sean brownie says:

      According to my economic analysis, this dollar parity is unlikely to last, hopefully the team is hedging for when the dollar dips again down the line.
      + Your forgetting provincial taxes, which ends up deducting half of your salary and I believe that their primary residence is probably Toronto.
      Listen, I am not saying this is not the only reason but it is a damn good reason that they could all get together in Miami and no where else.

  3. sean brownie says:

    I actually think you might be onto something with this but isn’t he a younger mold of Kleiza? Might be a little faster but I definitely see the potential in his game. He could like be a better version of Pietreus. Someone used to stop Lebron and other SGs/SFs and hit the occasional 3. Kudos on the idea

  4. kingcy says:

    I think calling him Pietrus or Kleiza is selling him short. Cassapi can run the floor beautifully and finish at the rim. His dribbling is average for his size, but more importantly you won’t see him trying to go behind the back split the defense like kleiza.
    Not to steal from NBAdraft.net, but I love their comparison for him. Somewhere in between Nocioni and Turkoglu sounds about right. You get grit and hustle plus all around skill and range.

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