Feb 4th 2011, RaptorsMatchup’s Quick Jams

A big night night in NBA tonight means someone must have done something notable right? Here are the few that stood out for me.
*For those that know me, please excuse my fantasy bias in advance.

Hansbrough + Mcroberts:
The two young Pfs did a great job causing chaos for the depleted Portland front court. Hansbrough’s ability to put the ball on the deck and get to the line got Aldridge in Cunningham in foul trouble, eventually leading to an early exit for Lamarcus.

Brand + Iguodala:
Brand and Iggy came out the gates flying with Brand hitting 19 of his 33pts in first quarter and Iggy getting 9 of his career high 16 assists also in that first quarter. As soon as I saw Brand having a big game I knew Iggys assists would be up. He’s the best passer on the team and the most unselfish. Sidebar: Holiday is overrated.

Big scoring night for him with 30pts. Not much to say here….Its Minnesota. Show me something against a good team.

Great play at the end by Horford to take it in strong at the end and win it for the Hawks at the line. Horford is having an amazing season and in my estimation is tops for most underrated player we have in the league.

I’m starting to regret dropping Monroe in my fantasy league. Just a really impressive game from the rook, took lopez to school on the boards (not hard to do but still). Hes got great hands and hes a good kid. Needs work on the free throws.

Its ironic. For a guys who’s 3rd all time in 3 pointers made, I dont think anyone ever really wants him to shoot….anyways, big time game winning three from a big time player.

Gotta feel for these guys. They really put it all on the line. Sessions, Jamison and Hickson did as much as anyone could ask for. Theres simply a lack of talent.

Jefferson vs Nene:
If you love watching the big dogs duke it out, this was the game. Both guys with 28 points. Jefferson doing it with is patented hooks in the paint and the occasional fadeaway, Nene coming right back at him a lot of drives plus the harm.

All boxscore can be found here. http://www.nba.com/gameline/20110204/


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