Blake Griffin, the rare Rookie Allstar.

Much like taxes and death, theres no doubt each year people will complain about certain allstar snubs and the lucky few that were selected. Maybe more so than in years past, this years snub list could have made one hell of an allstar team:

    • Tony Parker
    • Carmelo Anothny
    • Zach Randolph
    • Monta Ellis
    • LaMarcus Aldridge
    • Kevin Love (Now added to the allstar team as Yao Ming’s replacement. Fan voting….)
    • Danny Granger
    • Josh Smith
    • Eric Gordon
    • Carlos Boozer

Obviously not everyone is going to make the team every year and I can guarantee everyone on that snub list will make an allstar game or two in their career, but its when you look at the selection of Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan and the Big 4, eyebrows will get raised.

Taking Duncan and the 4 musketeers implies winning counts in a big way.

Duncan is having his worst season ever plain and simple. Some of it is not his fault, fewer plays run through him and he’s getting less minutes, but hes also lost a step. On the flipside, the Spurs have the best record in basketball and hes a big part of that.

Boston used to all about the big 3, but now a big 4 is cemented with Rondo’s emergence as an allstar. And he deserves it more so than any of the others in my estimation. While Allen, Pierce and Garnett have all played well this season, again all three are hovering around career lows.

Winning is a team principle. One player cannot win without his teammates or coaches, so why is it a focus of an allstar game where elite player talents are showcased? The West have guys like Aldridge and Randolph who on a nightly basis carry their respective teams, but yet we treated to a bunch of winners whose talents are on the decline. Lucky us.

And then theres Blake Griffin.

The NBA’s most prized possession. A human highlight reel if I ever saw one (no disrespect to ‘Nique) and an all around great player. But he’s a rookie says Andre Miller.

Miller took it upon himself to protect his buddy Aldridge by taking a few jabs at Blake, saying rookies get too much respect and “he ain’t make nobody better.” Miller has a point. Usually quality rooks get a small taste of the allstar life via the Rookie vs Sophomore game. Lebron,Wade, Carmelo, Evans never made the allstar team their rookie year. In fact, I don’t remember anyone other than Jordan making it in their rookie year, and if you remember, Jordan got a really hard time from the vets in that game to the point where some players decided not to pass him the ball.

Griffin is in the same boat. He’s a nightmare for opposing coaches who generally don’t have either a PF physical or quick enough to handle him on the block or on the glass, and if you run double teams at him he’s a surprisingly good passer. Yes his team sucks, but this is the Clippers we’re talking about. He’s a once or twice in a generation player who can ooo and aaahhh a crowd and has the skills to match.
Coaches take a bow for getting this pick right.

And then there’s fan voting and the ballots. Don’t get me started….Ok maybe just alittle….

For starters, the NBA can stop hiring drunks off the street to write the ballots. Nazr Mohammed, Linas Kleiza, Marvin Williams…….

Yao Ming leading all East Centers in votes…….
’nuff said.


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