RE: Blake Griffin, the rare Rookie Allstar.

I am sorry, but the truth has to come out. Jordan was not the only rookie in the NBA All-Star Game but I do agree with the rest of your article. He is a beast and he should be showcased for the rest of the world to understand how exciting a player is. He is on the Clippers, what Vince Carter was for the Raptors when he started (If I may say so without getting crucified for mentioning the evil one’s name). He is that big star that every team looks for him and for that he should be starting.

On another note, The 4 muskets and Timmmmmeyy (south park voice) are not stars of this league anymore, they’ve been there before many times, let some players come in, who can actually dunk in the game, none of this bank-shot garbage please.


1951 Bob Cousy Boston Celtics Yes
1954 Ray Felix Baltimore Bullets Yes
1957 Tom Heinsohn Boston Celtics Yes
1960 Wilt Chamberlain Philadelphia Warriors Yes
1961 Oscar Robertson Cincinnati Royals Yes
1962 Walt Bellamy Chicago Packers Yes
1964 Jerry Lucas Cincinnati Royals Yes
1965 Luke Jackson Philadelphia 76ers Yes
1966 Rick Barry San Francisco Warriors Yes
1969 Elvin Hayes San Diego Rockets Yes
1980 Magic Johnson Los Angeles Lakers Yes
1982 Isiah Thomas Detroit Pistons Yes
1985 Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Yes
1993 Shaquille O’Neal Orlando Magic Yes
1995 Grant Hill Detroit Pistons Yes
2003 Yao Ming Houston Rockets Yes



One Comment on “RE: Blake Griffin, the rare Rookie Allstar.”

  1. kingcy says:

    lol the truth must come out? I said ‘USUALLY’ rookies don’t make the allstar team, and ‘I’ cant remember anyone since Jordan. Thank you for showing me Yao, Shaq, and G.Hill did make it their rookies years, but I do think 6 rookie allstars in the last 31 years allows me to say usually they do not make it.
    Also you’ll notice MOST of the rookies that did make it are on the 50 greatest players of all time list.

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