Proposal: Thabeet + Mayo for Bargnani

Maybe I’m undervaluing Bargnani. Maybe overvaluing him
Maybe I’m undervaluing Thabeet + Mayo. Maybe overvaluing them.

To be honest, I don’t know. I’m not really sure what the consensus is about Bargs around the NBA. I assume it’s much like my friends and I, some love him some hate him, although I think anyone reading this blog probably knows where I stand on the subject…

Mayo is more or less in the same boat. Talented young player but has been inconsistent for the most part in his career. He would give the Raps a deadly shooter for Calderon/Bayless to hit off screens who might thrive with alittle more spotlight put on him offensively. Getting Mayo, would also allow for one of Calderon, Barbosa or Weems to be sent packing.

Thabeet has largely been ineffective so far since coming out of the University Connecticut, but he has the main components of what the Raptors need at the center spot. An intimdating shot blocker and rebounder. I dont see why with a little work Thabeet cant become a cross between Tyson Chandler and Greg Oden.

Losing Bargnani is significant for the team, but in my estimation, a step in the right direction. His points can be made up by guys like Bayless, Barbosa, DD, Ed Davis, and thats about all that needs to be accounted for.

Why would the Grizzlies do this?  Well, this trade probably can only happen assuming they move Randolph like people think Memphis will.   That allows Bargnani to step in at the PF spot and spreads the floor for Gasol to work in the post and opens lanes for slashers like Gay.  The Grizz also get cheaper and younger.


3 Comments on “Proposal: Thabeet + Mayo for Bargnani”

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  2. Chris Ross says:

    Good thought. I wouldn’t mind it.

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