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It looks like I’ve been accused of having the worst proposal ever apparently. So lets look at SeanB’s arguments for a second.

First off, I wanna say that although I’m not a Bargnani fan, I not saying trade him for the sake of trading him. I’m looking at the long term implication of keeping him and his team leading salary (10mil over 5yrs, not horrible) in Toronto.

Oh and in case you hadn’t noticed, this is a bottom feeder team for the foreseeable future. Having Bargnani here or not will not change that fact, thats why it’s important that decisions about his future be made now while this team is still in the rebuilding phase.


Now for SeanB:

1) When you make a theoretical proposal and you’re name is not Brain Colangelo, you’re only interested in the main aspects of the trade. Bargnani/Mayo/Thabeet. The fact that theres a 3 million dollar balance in the trade is nothing. Memphis send you alittle cash or you send back a shit player no one cares about to cover the balance. I didn’t even mention draft picks to make it as simple as possible, and I do think the Raps deserve alittle more compensation coming their way.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, I’m pretty sure the Raptors are NOT over the cap, as ESPN has them listed with Peja (15mil) still on the roster. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, ITS A STUPID PROGRAM! Gee ive never seen a Lebron for Caron Butler and Beaubois trade work in NBALive2010 right?? Why not try Pau Gasol for Crittiton and Kwame Brown and Araon Mckie see if that works…

2) “Mayo still has a lot of potential but needs to go to a team like Minnesota”  Hello? This is Minnesota. Same record, same problems, same rebuilding phase. If Mayo came here without Bargnani, he gets a shot at being #1 scoring option. Derozen moves back to his natural SF spot with his new found SG skills, and allows the better shooter Mayo to take the bulk of the shots and Derozen to mold its a Batum type player.

Mayo avg. 18.5ppg his rookie year without Zach Randolph. He avg. 17.5ppg with Randolph and Gasol and Gay and Conley all improving offensively. Bargnani has avg. 15ppg and 17ppg the last two years respectively as the #2 option with Bosh at his side. Hes up to 21ppg as the number #1 scoring option. Theres no reason not to expect Mayo not to have a similar jump in points as the number #1 option on a Raptors team.

3) Memphis is happy with Marc Gasol. Hes a a good center and deserves the minutes. Thabeet is on a rookie contract, so if they’ve decided to move on with Gasol, well then this is a good time to cut they’re loses as his value and salary are still intriguing at this point. Thabeet is still an incredible physical package. Jim Calhoun called him “one of the most dominant players in the history of college basketball.” How different is his game really to Tyson Chandler outta highschool and Roy Hibbert outta college?

Telling teams you have Alabi and Ajinca as your backup centers may cause extreme doubling over laughter. Ajinca is a decent project as a 12th man for now, but Alabi should not to rostered.


I’m not trying to the jeopardize the growth of the Raptors. This team has a lot of good young talent and I’m simply looking to add to that regardless of who the player is and whose toes I may be stepping on.


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  1. sean brownie says:

    Thought you should know this:

    “No… Thabeets problem is he just has no talent… he is big and tall, but has no feel for the game and no polished skills.

    To get Thabeet to NBA level you’d have to start a die-hard skill development program with him, teaching him how to play from square one.

    A good friend of mine worked with Thabeet during the draft and explained his situation like this… most NBA players found the game… they picked up the ball and started playing because they loved it and they were good at it.

    When you are a 7 footer in Africa, the game finds you… Thabeet was told to play… Thabeet was steered to this point because others expected him to do this… this is a job… not a passion… his love is Soccer.

    Thabeet loves the life the NBA provides for him, but he’s not going to be the first person in the gym, he is not going to spend his summers and his money surrounding himself with trainers and skill development people.

    This is not unique to Thabeet… this is very common with International players, especially big men. They are someone else’s meal ticket.

    This is not a coaching issue… Thabeet’s issue is that Tall is not a skill, its a state of being.

    Read more NBA news and insight:

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