Scrap That: RE: Proposal: Thabeet + Mayo for Bargnani

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So today, Cy made the worst proposal ever. Thabeet & Mayo for Bargnani. It seems that he inevitably wants the Raptors to be bottom feeders for the foreseeable future and I am here to argue the various reasons this trade would never work and should never see the light of day.

Let’s talk about the pros before:

1) Mayo is a really good player – During his rookie year, he tried out for the US Olympic team and many of the starters of team (including Kobe) considered Mayo to be future of US Olympic Basketball. His offensive ability and his play-making skills are quite simply amazing. It’s a shame that he hasn’t been able to spread his wings in Memphis.

2) Thabeet is tall … and that is it.

Now the cons:

1) This trade would never work in real life. I tried it out on the ESPN trade machin. Guess what Cy? It did not go through.

2) Mayo still has a lot of potential but needs to go to a team like Minnesota in order to develop. He needs the opportunity at being either the focal point or at least the second option on a team. There just aren’t enough shots in Memphis and I don’t think Toronto can give him that freedom either when we are developing DeMar Derozan. I don’t think DeMar is cut out to be SF and neither is Mayo. However, I do believe at this point, Mayo is more talented than DeMar but I am not sure about Mayo’s work ethic, exemplified by his declining stats over the last 3 seasons. It seems like he hit is prime when was 22 and now he is playing like a 34 year old player at the tail end of his career.

3) Thabeet can’t even get off the bench before Darell Arthur to backup the center position. D. Arthur is 6’9. Even more concerning, you have to ask yourself, why is Memphis is trying to trade him before his rookie contract is even up? They must know that he is impossible to develop. He is slow, no offensive game, haven’t seen much of his defense either (even though he was drafted for his defensive prowess). The Raptors already have a center project and that is Alabi and we recently added Ajinca (who I like a lot) but our trainers can’t take on Thabeet as well. Sometimes people have to realize that there are a lot of Robert Swifts in the NBA and not everyone is a Hakeem.


So Cy what you are telling me is, we trade a 7-footer with Dirk Diggler like skills for a slow-footed, sushi raw center and an underachieving SG, who would jeopardize the growth of the young players of this team.

Listen, we are still fresh off losing Bosh and Andrea hasn’t had the chance for a team to be developed around him like a Bosh or Carter. To expect results from Bargs, without this important aspect is a premature decision.



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