The Anti-Dunk Contest

While we all associate the NBA dunk contest with high-flying acrobatics and gravity-defying thinking, I have always wondered about those players that are not as gifted, not as agile and the inability to jump high (like me). While browsing through a forum I frequently visit, I bumped into the bizarro world of dunking. The anti-dunking A.K.A getting stuffed by the rim. I found myself crying with laughter but also finding solace in the fact that NBA players can feel what I have felt all my life, the inability to fly.

Without further ado, I present to you the Geroge Costanza’s of the Dunk Contest, aptly named the Anti-Dunk Contest.

#10 Hedo Turkoglu shows us he will never get sponsored by Air Turkey

#9 Andray Blatche: Displaying his “finesse” style of Basketball

#8 Joel Anthony – Making Canada “Proud”

7 through 1 – after the jump

#7 Von Wafer gets “Dikembe Mutambo’ed” by the rim

#6 Marreese Speights serves up the facial on “Oxygen”

#5 Javelle McGee (don’t know why it’s here)

#4 Travis Outlaw with 35 million reasons to not be upset with a dunk like this

#3 Glen “Big Baby” Davis believed he could fly

#2 Ricky Davis showboating fail but makes it up

#1 Chris “Birdman” Anderson with the unexplainable continuos fail


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